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Dock Building Services

Located in Kalipsell Montana, we specialize in designing and building floating docks for lake home across the Northwest United States and even Canada.



Floating Dock Design and Installation Kalispell Montana Northwest U.S.

Deck Design & Styles

We can design docks to any shape or size and even accomodate hard to reach areas.

  • Classic L Shape Dock Design

  • Classic U Dock Shape Design

  • Custom Dock Shapes


Floating Dock Design and Installation materials Kalispell Montana Northwest U.S.

Materials & Decking Options

We use only the finest materials featuring non-slip texturing, heat resistance & durability. We hightly recommend Clubhouse for the planking material used on the dock because of its durability, traction and strength. But we can also use other materials and have done docks made from exotic woods like Brazilian Rosewood and more.


Floating Dock Design and Installation materials decking - Kalispell Montana Northwest U.S.

Dock Accessories

Add options like slides, covers, stairs and diving boards to your custom dock.

  • Dock Stairs

  • Dock Ladders

  • Slides

  • Custom floatation barrels

  • Boat mounts

  • Water Canons

  • Paddle Board/Equipment Racks

  • Benches

  • and more

Mountain Valley Docks - Floating Dock Builder Montana